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About Nachtmahr


“NACHTMAHR is an industrial orgy that knows no limits and which has never heard of morals, moderation or mercy. They represent excess, the wild, the boundless in us all.”

– Björn Springorum (ORKUS Magazine)

For six years now, Thomas Rainer has been carving out his own path with the industrial world power NACHTMAHR. Uncompromising, without regard to casualties and continually in one direction – forward. With three albums and four EPs to date, along with countless live battles all over the world, he has cemented his unshakeable reputation as dance dictator. You’re either with him or against him. There is no middle ground.

The Cold War in the Industrial scene is heating up. Hostilities, calls for boycott, open animosity and harsh competitiveness dominate a genre that was once known for its unity. The stumbling block was, is and always will be NACHTMAHR. Not, however, because NACHTMAHR is the true enemy. Rather because NACHTMAHR is the concept of an enemy to all those who envy Thomas Rainer's success and want to dethrone him. Now he dedicates an album to all these people. 'Feindbild' is its name. It is no longer the sheer beat dominance, the destructive force of these relentless Imperial Industrial pattern bombings alone that justify NACHTMAHR's enviable status. More than ever before, 'Feindbild' shows a project that transcends the status of pure dancefloor-devastating Industrial and puts severity, feeling and sublimity into focus. Love or hate, NACHTMAHR never left you any other choice. And an album like 'Feindbild' ensures that this will never be any different. All this negative emotion is fed into 'Feindbild', turning the massive and intelligently designed tracks into precisely fired projectiles at all those who want to piss on NACHTMAHR's reputation. A challenge in the guise of thought-through, aggressive and yet melodic Imperial Industrial art and Thomas Rainer's unambiguous answer to his opponents.

Go on with your backstabbing. "Feindbild" is the musical counter strike that will silence the opposition once and for all.



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